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Our name says it all 

If you're a passionate entrepreneur with a great idea, we are your ally to turn it into a venture.

Here's how we do it.


We provide resources to prototype and develop web and mobile applications.


We provide funds to initiate business development activities and access top talent.


We provide guidance to assure a solid business model, proper setup and venture financing.

Who are we ?

We are a network of entrepreneurs with a proven track record and plenty of hands-on experience creating and growing start-ups.

Here are some projects we have supported.


Agroop was created in August 2014 to develop solutions to help farmers and agricultural agents to be more productive and profitable. Agroop has been recognised by Microsoft as one of the most promising startups in Portugal and has won several entrepreneurial prizes - NOS Innovation Awards, Up Awards, EDP Innovation Awards.

Call Spam Reduction

Spam calls from telemarketers is a massive problem on both landline and mobile phones. CASPAR is an app that effectively blocks calls from telespammers using crowdsourcing. Users of the app can easily report a spammer and contribute to update a central register of spammers used to block unwanted calls.


Fitbeat is a web solution that delivers a professional and stimulating sound environment to fitness and gym clubs. In addition to streaming the best music, the solution makes it easy to schedule and play announcements read out by a professional radio DJ.


FINDmyDOC is a software that retrieves documents intelligently with unstructured and spoken search commands. FINDmyDOC simplifies the organization of document storage and guarantees a fruitful search. The application is developed as an "add-on" for existing cloud document storage and archiving solutions.

Gamified Football Fan League

This project is a platform for football fans that leverages gamification techniques. Fans share their most exciting moments with each other via second screen (sharing comments and predictions during matches), duels (competing on score predictions & quizzes) and check-ins (revealing their favorite venues).

Do you wish to submit an idea?

If it's in the field of ICT with plenty of growth potential, then contact us. Your idea will be shared with our network members and we will give your feedback within days. If you're idea is selected, we will establish together an action plan to boost your idea and bring it to the Beta stage.

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